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Better Off Read
by Nora Page

This book involves murder, a small town public library, and a bookmobile. It is a pleasant read for those who enjoy a cozy mystery. It also includes a delicious recipe for hummingbird cake.

Better Off Read
by Nora Page

This book involves murder, a public library, and a bookmobile. It is a pleasant read for those

The Wall Growing Up Behind The Iron Curtain
by Peter Sis

I really liked this book! 5 stars because it only took me 45 minutes to read. Even though it is technically a children's book, I still found it enjoyable and not simplistic. Sís doesn't shy away from the violence he and friends experienced under Communist control in Prague, and also doesn't shy away from a more advanced vocabulary (what children's book uses the word cataclysmic in the second sentence?). Being born about a decade after the Cold War ended, people always talk about it as if I should know exactly what it was like, diving into deep details before giving me a general overview (and I've already taken both years of global history, so that's not the problem!). This book gave a really excellent summation of how the Cold War started and developed across Europe while also keeping a strong focus in the daily effects in Prague. I would definitely recommend this quick, educational read with wonderful, colorful artwork!

Half Broke
by Ginger Gaffney

This memoir by a woman who feels herself a bit of a misfit finds her calling training horses. She is asked to help out at a ranch for prisoners finishing off their sentences, most of whom have been drug dealers and addicts. By teaching the residents patience with training the horses, she finds a number of them react with love and care for the horses and overcome many of their personal difficulties.

Queen Meryl
by Erin Carlson

This show business biography of Meryl Streep marches through her movie roles and co-stars but leaves one wanting to know more about the person as opposed to the actress.

To The Hilt
by Dick Francis

This is another action packed thriller. Francis is always fresh with different topics and characters and believable plots, all connected centrally or tangentially to horses. This plot involves embezzled money, foreign bank accounts, and murder. It is a fun lockdown read.

Old Books, Rare Friends
by Leona Rostenberg and Madeleine Stern

Subtitled "Two Literary Sleuths and Their Shared Passion," this book is a joint memoir of two friends, authors, and rare book dealers. They were the ones who uncovered the blood and thunder potboilers of Louisa May Alcott published anonymously or pseudonymously and published collections of these stories, which threw a whole new light on the author of "Little Women." They enjoy their research and their special rare book finds.

by Karen Robards

This is a fast paced political thriller. The survivor of a car crash that killed the president's wife suspects that it was no accident. Pursued by mysterious men determined to make sure she can't talk, she begins to fear everyone. There are lots of chase scenes and some romance.

10 lb. Penalty
by Dick Francis

A frustrated teen aged steeplechase jockey agrees to help his father's campaign for a seat in Parliament. Sabotage and murder attempts ensue in this page turner. This is a quick and fun summer read.

The Oath
by Frank Peretti

This book has truly moved me. The way Peretti goes about painting the scene and developing the plot may confuse you at first, but towards the second half of the book, you come to realization of what is all points to. From the analogy of sin as the dragon, the town of Hyde River being men's attitude towards sin, and finally Levi, the despised "crazy man" just like Jesus, constantly trying to guide us away from the path of destruction, though we ignore him so much. For the christian that is getting too satisfied with life, this is a must read. Sin is crouching at the door of your heart, don't let it consume you.
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